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We lost everything during the oil spill. We approached bpclaims.info and spoke to a man called BIll Bohack.

He told us he would help us claim for more than we could. At first we though ok and paid him the asked 1800 dollars to process the claim. We heard nothing for three months, then he got back with a ridiculous claim, most of which would have been fraudulent. We said we did not want this and only our true compensation claim, he said everyone is getting what they can and that he has helped lots of others with over the top claims.

We said the FBI are on this, but he still said not to worry, this is how both us and him will make some extra cash. We disagreed, and asked for our 1800 dollars to be returned. But he to this day refuses. We are now going to court to try and recover more money we lost.

It's been devastating and this bohack guy has ripped us off and tried to make false Bp claims to make him money from what he said.

Please warn people to be aware of bpclaims.info and this Bohack guy, we did some research about him, you only have to google his name to see he has past criminal history. We were ***, but we were also desperate. Now we have lost out income, and what little money we had left. How can people do this to others?

Especially when your so down on your luck.

It's just evil. Now the courts can chase this company.

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Just a warning after seeing this post. Bill Bohack just set up another scam business called Consumer claims of america.

He has teamed up with some backwater real estate attorney called Band Gates based in sarasota. be very wary of these individuals.

they are simple folk, that sell peoples details on to other attorneys.

they also still have yet to pay a bill of 36.000 dollars for marketing. Both these companies are scammers

Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States #864360

We are filling a against this guy Bohack too. He over stated our claims by 75000 dollars saying everyone was doing it.

We also refused to submit fraud claims and he never got back to up. He owe us 1400 dollars.

Bill Bohack is a seedy *** man that deserves no less than jail time.

Tampa, Florida, United States #863001

OMG I cant believe he has done this to others as well. My husband recently died, just after this Bohack guy took 2300 dollars from us and refused to return it after he told us to submit a claim that was just not true. I blame this man for the stress he cuased us and the death of my husband....evil is an understatment

Tampa, Florida, United States #862956

we too were scammed by Bill Bohack, he runs a company that creates claims websites. He took just over 2000 dollars from us.

We dont have a lot, we begged him to return our money but he refuses. Bill Bohack is pure evil, preying on the weakness of people in trouble.

Bill Bohack Is a scammer, bpclaims.info is a scam website

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