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Charged and never given credit card

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I have tried several times to get the company to respond to my complaint that they are billing me for charges that I did not make. Nothing at all. Even yesterday I tried to get them to respond to an email I sent that this site recommended, but have not gotten any response! I am really worried that this company is a scam! What I am really nervous about is the fact that they have my social security number! Read more

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I've been getting charges that I did not make on my monthly BP credit card bill. The 2nd time I paid it but I cancelled the card on line. Since then I have not heard from the company at all. Now I get this 3rd bill and it has a new charge on it that I didn't make. So when I tried to get on line and put in a complaint. When I finished filling it out, it simply vanished and then a message came thru stating they couldn't find the page! I can't... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 27, 2015
  • #741204

bp sucks and if u contact them thay put u through a ringer trying to fix the problem and my so called gift card is junk wasted 50 bucks for them to tell me a rewards card is not a gift card but thats what thay sell will never buy gas there ever will go to lil guy station were thay give a *** about there costomers

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On 7-24-15 I tried to pump gas at BP on Rosebud Rd. in Loganville, GA. The card was declined, I never raised the handle to pump any gas, but BP tried to sneak in a $1.00 charge on the card. The card company placed a fraud alert on my acct and contacted me. Thank goodness they watch for this type of activity. Most people don't get just $1.00 in gas, and thieves will start with small purchases to see if you notice. Please read your statements... Read more

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My name is shay I go to the Bp on Kirby whitten and Reese road in Memphis tn all the time the attending who works at night locks the door when its open 24 hours and he doesn't open the door when I ask nicely he is very rude he won't take loose change and says its not money when it is money he knows he not supposed to lock the door when people come in and he got a real serious staring problem which creeps me out so if some one would do anything... Read more

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I worked for voo as team leader in oil spill at dog river mobile all for bp but my two boats were never paid for 77days except for the the trip tickets we turned in monthly the claims office said we needed attorney so iI hidden Cunningham bounds and few days later some computer wiz claimed to be parts legal who was handled my case which he all ready knew everything about me from computer including my likes dislikes and amount of cash I had... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 07, 2015
  • #632353

Theres a new BP in cincinnati on mintana avenue I dont know who is ruder, the clerks or the beggars trolling the parking lot like roaches

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I've been a great business customer for over 30 yrs. BP upgraded my account and sent new card for use anywhere. Destroyed card. Received credit on my bill $71.22 from BP. Did not pay. Received bill from BP Business Solutions showing owing $71.22 plus $75.00 late fee. Call Customer service and was told they are 2 different companies and the only way to tell that is the remit to address. Had to fight to get the credit from BP of -71.22... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 15, 2014
  • #534522

Cahokia, IL BP denied service to woman out of gas with a sick kid in her car because she "didn't like her attitude" when she had to come back in to the store to find out why her prepaid pump wasnt starting. Go to Moto Mart down the road!!!!!

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